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If there is no time then do meditation like this, mind and brain will remain calm

Meditation: Due to today’s busy lifestyle, stress has become a common thing. Many times the stress increases so much that it has a bad effect on your health as well. In fact, in today’s time some have office stress and some have family stress. Actually, by doing meditation regularly, you can keep yourself healthy. This keeps your mind and brain calm. Those people who are not able to spare time for themselves due to job, today we tell them that when and how they can do meditation by taking time out.

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just take 10 minutes

People think that a lot of time is needed to do meditation. But we tell you that even if you take out only 10 minutes for yourself, it is enough for meditation. It is just important that you keep your mind and brain calm during this time. And close your eyes and feel relaxed and do breathing exercises together.

You can meditate even while traveling

There are many types of doubts in the minds of people regarding meditation. Actually meditation means to keep yourself calm. Let us tell you that you do not need to take much time for meditation. Even if you are traveling in a bus or metro, you can do meditation by sitting on its seat. For this, close your eyes and focus on your breath while breathing. Meditation is done.

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You can do meditation before sleeping

If you are very short of time, then you can do meditation even while sleeping. For this, sit in solitude for a while before sleeping and close your eyes. Then concentrate on breathing slowly. Do this for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You will feel that your body has become lighter.

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Dheeru Rajpoot
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