Make Mawa Gujiya easily on Holi, know the recipe

Mawa Gujiya Recipe

Mawa Gujiya RecipeWhere is the fun of Holi without Gujiyas? Apart from playing with colors on Holi, most people love gujiyas. On the day of Holi, Gujiya is specially made in many homes. If you want to make Gujiya in an easy way, then you can try Mawa Gujiya. It does not require much material either. Let’s know the Gujiya recipe of Mawa or Khoya.

Mawa Gujiya Recipe Ingredients
  • 1 cup – milk
  • 2 cups – all purpose flour
  • 2 cups – Sugar
  • 1 cup- Dry fruits
  • 1 cup – Ghee
  • 3 cardamom
  • 300 grams – Mawa
  • 1 cup – grated coconut
How to Make Mawa Gujiya Recipe in Hindi
  1. First of all, grate the mawa i.e. khoya in a bowl and keep it aside.
  2. After this, sieve the flour by taking it in another bowl or dish.
  3. Knead the flour well with the help of ghee and milk.
  4. Leave it covered for at least 10 minutes.
How to prepare Gujiya Stuffing (Gujiya Stuffing Method)
  • On the other hand, keep a pan on the gas and add about two spoons of ghee in it.
  • After this, cook the grated mawa on low flame till it becomes brown in colour.
  • When it turns brown, add grated coconut and mix it.
  • Turn off the gas and leave it to cool.
  • After this, mix chopped dry fruits and powdered sugar in it.
Mawa or Khoya Gujiya Recipe Making Method in Hindi

Make small balls from the kneaded dough and then roll it into a puri-like shape. After this put it in the gojiya maker and fill the stuffing in it with a spoon. After this seal the edges well with the help of water. Prepare all the gujiyas in this way and then make gujiyas in the same way as you fry puris and kachoris. Fry till it turns brown. In this way Mawa Gujiya will be ready.

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