Match Fixing: Match fixing surfaced once again in cricket, 13 matches under suspicion


New Delhi: Once again the discussion of match-fixing has started in cricket. According to the report of Sportradar Integrity Services, 13 cricket matches in 2022 have come under suspicion. The 28-page report titled ‘Betting, Corruption and Match-Fixing’ said that in the calendar year 2022, 1212 matches have been found suspicious. These matches played in 92 countries are included in 12 sports.

Most fixing in football

The company uses an application Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) to detect suspicious activity during matches. The company has said that 775 matches in football, 220 in basketball and 75 in lawn tennis are in the scope of suspicious games. Interestingly, of the 12 sports in cricket, only 13 are allegedly linked to corruption. The report claimed that 13 matches could be the maximum in any one year.

No statement from ICC came

However, as per the graphics shown in the company report, there is no mention of any match played in India. Hence it can be assumed that none of the 13 matches have been played in India. Sportradar partnered with BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit in 2020 to find betting irregularities during IPL matches. It had also partnered with the ICC some time ago, although no statement has been issued by the ICC, the apex body of cricket, on this report at present.

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