‘You have taken a betel nut to cut your pocket…’, Congress President Kharge’s sarcasm on the Center on the cost of medicines, Health Minister Mandaviya hit back

Mallikarjun Vs Mansukh

Mansukh Mandaviya Vs Mallikarjun Kharge: Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday took a dig at the central government over the prices of medicines. He had said that Modiji, you have taken the betel nut to cut the pockets of the public. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya retaliated on this comment of Kharge on Monday.

Mandaviya claimed that according to the provisions of the DPCO (Drug Price Control Order) 2013 made by the UPA government, the farm companies increase or decrease the prices of medicines every year according to the WPI (Wholesale Price Index). But in November 2022, the government revised the list and prices of essential medicines. Due to this, consumers will save about Rs 3500 crore annually.

651 out of 870 notified

Mandaviya said that out of 870 essential medicines, ceiling prices of 651 have been notified so far. Due to which there has been an average reduction of 16.62% in the applicable maximum price of medicines.

He said that 651 companies linked to WPI can increase the price of essential medicines by a maximum of 12.12%. An average reduction of 6.73% has been estimated even if the company increases the price completely.

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