Maharashtra Politics: ‘I am happy with his appointment…’, NCP leader Ajit Pawar gave a big statement

Ajit Pawar NCP

New Delhi: NCP leader Ajit Pawar broke his silence on the appointment of Supriya Sule and Praful Patel as working presidents of the party. Talking to the media on Saturday evening, he said – I am happy with his appointment. Ajit Pawar was said to be angry since the appointment of Sule and Patel. He left the party office in Mumbai during the day without talking to reporters. He said he would continue to work hard for the party.

Sharad Pawar had announced in the morning

In fact, on Saturday, on the 25th foundation day of NCP, party chief Sharad Pawar had declared daughter Supriya Sule and senior leader Praful Patel as working president of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) while making a big announcement during the day. Pawar said that his decision to appoint two working presidents of the party was taken so that the leadership team of the NCP has enough hands to look after the affairs of the party across the country. The situation in the country is such that it would be wrong to give the responsibility of all the states to only one person.

Decision taken after consultation with senior people

Sharad Pawar said that Jayant Patil is the president of NCP in Maharashtra. Ajit is the leader of the opposition and he has this responsibility. It is wrong to call someone happy or unhappy. The names of those who have been announced were suggested by senior people during the last month. Pawar said that Ajit Pawar is handling the command of Maharashtra while this is the third term of Supriya Sule. She will be able to fulfill parliamentary responsibility as an experience in the Lok Sabha.

Pawar further said- For the last 2 months, we were discussing that according to the country, there should be two working presidents and they should be given the responsibility of 3-4 states. This will help in strengthening the party/organisation.

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