Major action of Kolkata Police, 16 arrested for cheating

Cyber Crime

West Bengal: Kolkata Police has taken major action against the fraudsters. Police have arrested a total of 16 people from Topsia and Salt Lake City during the operation. All these people used to cheat by calling blood as the official of Google and Microsoft.

Account empty by taking laptop and PC on remote

According to the police, the accused used to trap people in a trap. By taking his laptop and PC on remote, he used to withdraw money from his account. According to the police officers, the complaints of cybercrime were continuously increasing. After which a team was formed for investigation.

Used to target people sitting abroad

The accused used to call people sitting in America and Europe. Mobile phones and computers were used to execute the crime. 4 laptops, 26 mobile phones, 8 computers and five hard disk drives have been seized from the accused. The accused have been doing cybercrime since 2020 and have defrauded a large number of people till now.

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