Kidney Liver For Sale: Kerala man put up posters to sell kidney-liver, will be shocked to know the reason

Kidney Liver For Sale

Kidney Liver For Sale: A 50-year-old man from Kerala wants to sell his kidney and liver. For this he has also put up posters on which he has given his number. The matter is of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The poster put up in the capital is attracting people’s attention.

The person who expressed his desire to sell kidney and liver is a resident of Manacaud Puthen Road. He has been identified as Santosh Kumar. Seeing Santosh’s advertisement (Kidney Liver For Sale), many people initially thought it was some kind of prank to troll the government. Later it is learned that Santosh is in need of money, so he has expressed his desire to sell the vital body part.

Why does Santosh want to sell his kidney liver?

According to Santosh, he met with an accident while lifting a sack at a fruit shop. He had to undergo treatment and now he has no money. He tried to sell his land near Manacaud Junction, but had a dispute with his brother over the land. Santosh’s brother told media persons that the property was in his mother’s name and is now in the name of six siblings including Santosh.

Santosh’s wife used to run tuition classes for children in the locality, but that too was closed due to Covid, which further worsened their financial condition. Under these pressing circumstances, Santosh decided to put out an advertisement to sell vital organs as he felt he was left with no other option.

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