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Poppy seeds will keep you cool on Holi

Khas Khas Thandai Recipe: The cold weather is going and summer is coming. In the summer season people need thandai, so today we have brought you the recipe of poppy seed thandai.

Also, if seen from the point of view of health, then it is very beneficial. Also, the festival of Holi is round the corner, so this is a better option for Holi as well. So let’s know the easy method of making poppy seed thandai.

Ingredients to make Khus khus thandai

Poppy seeds – 50 grams, Sugar – as per taste, Water – as required, Ice cubes – 4-5

How to make Khus Khus Thandai

To make poppy seeds thandai, first of all you have to clean the poppy seeds very well. After this, soak the poppy seeds in a bowl.

Soak them for at least three hours and let them become soft. After this, take them out of the water and make a smooth paste by putting the poppy seeds in the mixer.

After this, grind it once again and when it is coarsely ground, add 4 tablespoons of water to it and mix it again twice. After this, with the help of a fine cloth, filter it in a bowl and filter it again by adding water to the paste that remains in the cloth.

After this add sugar as per taste to it (Poppy Thandai) and mix it well. After that keep it in the fridge to cool down and when it cools down, take it out from the fridge and put it in a serving glass and serve it with ice cubes over it. (If you don’t want the drink too cold, don’t add the ice cubes.)


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