Manang Air helicopter crash in Nepal, 6 people including 5 Mexicans died

Manang Air

Kathmandu Chopper Crashes: A Manang Air helicopter carrying five Mexican nationals in Nepal met with an accident on Tuesday. Five Mexican citizens and the pilot on board the helicopter were killed in the accident. ANI quoted police as saying that the wreckage of the crashed Nepalese helicopter has been recovered.

According to reports, the Manang Air helicopter went out of contact on Tuesday morning. It was later learned that the helicopter crashed at Lamjura in Likhupike Rural Municipality of Solukhumbu District. The spot is located between Jiri and Phaplu.

According to Nwang Lakhpa Sherpa, deputy chairman of the rural municipality, the local people informed that the helicopter was found crashed at Chihandanda in Lamjura, Bhakanje village. “Locals discovered the crashed helicopter in Chihandanda,” the Sherpa told the Post.

An Altitude Air helicopter and security officials were deployed in the area of ​​Lamjura Pass to search for the missing chopper since Tuesday morning.

The last location of the chopper with registration number 9N-AMV was tracked at 10:12 a.m. in the Lamjura Pass area, said Raju Newpane, Manang Air’s operations and security manager. Six people including Captain Chet Bahadur Gurung were on board the plane.

Information officer gave this information

Information officer Gyanendra Bhul said, “The chopper was on its way to Kathmandu from Solukhumbu and lost contact with the control tower around 10 am.” The helicopter with the call sign 9NMV went off the radar at 10:12 am (local time). There were 5 foreign nationals on board the missing helicopter.

It is being told that the helicopter was taking five foreign tourists on a trip to the world’s highest peak and was returning to the capital Kathmandu on Tuesday morning. Airport official Sagar Kadel said the flight path of the helicopter had to be changed due to weather conditions. Initial media reports stated that there were 5 ‘Mexican nationals’ on the helicopter. Their identity has not been revealed yet.

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