Amazing Kashmiri girl! First memorized the Holy Quran, then set an example by writing it by hand in four months

kashmir young girl

Ramadan 2023: A girl student from Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir has done wonders. What a student named Salima has done is being discussed on social media. In fact, the girl student first memorized the Holy Quran and then made the entire Ganderbal district proud by writing the Holy Quran by hand.

Salima has written the Quran in such a beautiful handwriting that it looks like it has been written by a computer. Salima says that my grandfather and grandmother wanted all the boys and girls in the family to learn to read and write the Holy Quran better.

Child said – Quran written in four months

Salima said that due to the religious atmosphere at home, I developed a special relationship with the Holy Quran and then also developed a passion for reading and writing it. Salima told that I started writing the Holy Quran on November 5, 2022 and now I have completed it.

Salima told that I am doing graduation. I used to start writing the Holy Quran every morning and evening after finishing my work. I completed it in four months. During this, there was a lot of support from the parents and all the family members.

Girl student said – Maulvi sahibs also got full support

Salima said that whatever I needed while reciting the Holy Qur’an, all the necessary things were provided. I was first taught to read the Holy Qur’an by many Maulvi Sahabs of the region and all kinds of knowledge about it was imparted.

Relatives of Salima say that we are proud that such a quality daughter was born in our area. He said that memorizing the Holy Quran and then writing it by hand is a big task. By doing this, Salima has brought laurels to the region as well as to our society, for which we are proud. The family said that we hope that the government will encourage such girls.

On March 15, a 10-year-old girl wrote the Quran in 30 days.

Earlier, a 10-year-old Kashmiri girl did the feat of writing the Holy Quran by hand in a month. The girl named Muntaha Maqsood is a resident of Chitragam Shopian. She is a class 5 student in Kindergarten Public School. The student had written the entire Quran in about 700 pages.

News agency KNO Muntaha was quoted as saying that she started reciting the Quran when she was just 4 years old. He had said that it is necessary to educate girls because educating a woman is considered equal to educating the whole family but education should not turn them away from Islam.

In December, another student wrote a 900-page Quran

Earlier in December 2022, a schoolgirl from Jammu and Kashmir did the feat of writing a 900-page Quran. Arbin Tahir, a high school student from Bandipora, wrote the 900-page Holy Quran with her own hands in six months. According to a report, Arbin is a student of Giriyan Jamaat in Class 11 and it was her dream to write the Holy Quran with her own hand.

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