Karnataka Election 2023: PM Modi’s mega road show in Mysore, said – Congress-JDS symbols of instability

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Karnataka Election 2023: Preparations of all parties are in full swing for the Karnataka assembly elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his fifth election rally in the state. During this, the PM fiercely attacked Congress and JDS. The Prime Minister said that both these parties saw Karnataka as an ATM. PM Modi is holding a massive roadshow in Mysore today before returning to Delhi.

PM Modi told Congress-JDS a symbol of instability

Addressing his sixth public meeting in poll-bound Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the Congress and the JD(S) are symbols of instability. PM said- Karnataka has decided to end the coalition politics that has been going on for decades. Congress-ruled states are known for infighting among their leaders. Congress’s B ​​team JDS is also daydreaming. Somehow they want to win 15-20 seats.

PM Modi said- Congress is another name of betrayal. They have betrayed the farmers of the state and the country. JDS calls itself ‘Kingmaker’ in Karnataka and every vote given to JDS gets added to Congress vote. Congress neglected the poor. But BJP is working for the people of the state, the farmers and the poor. Farmers are getting double benefit from the double engine government.

PM Modi’s massive road show in Mysore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two-day visit to Karnataka, will hold a massive road show in Mysore today before returning to Delhi. Yesterday, PM Modi held a 5.3 km long roadshow in Bengaluru after addressing back-to-back rallies in different parts of the state.

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