Karnataka Election 2023: PM Modi mentioned ‘The Kerala Story’ in Karnataka, know what he said?

The Kerala Story 1

Karnataka Election 2023: Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the film ‘The Kerala Story’ while addressing a public meeting in Ballari on Friday. PM Modi said that the film Kerala Story is in discussion these days. He said the film shows how terrorist conspiracies are being promoted in Kerala, which is known as a beautiful land of hardworking, talented and intellectual people.

PM Modi said that the film ‘The Kerala Story’ is based on a terrorist conspiracy. It shows the ugly truth of terrorism and exposes the designs of terrorists. Congress is opposing the film on terrorism and stands with terrorist tendencies. Congress has adapted terrorism for vote bank.

PM Modi lashed out at Congress in Karnataka

Prime Minister Modi said that I am surprised to see that Congress has succumbed to terrorism for its vote bank. Will such a party ever be able to save Karnataka? He said that in the atmosphere of terror, the industry, IT industry, agriculture, farming and glorious culture here would be destroyed.

To make Karnataka the number one state of the country, security system, law and order is the most important requirement. It is equally important for Karnataka to remain free from terrorism. BJP has always been tough against terrorism. But whenever action is taken on terrorism, Congress gets stomach ache.

Why the film ‘The Kerala Story’ is in discussion

Producer Vipul Amritlal Shah’s film ‘The Kerala Story’ released nationwide today. Petitions were filed in the High Court seeking a stay on the film’s release, however the Kerala High Court refused to stay the film’s release. The court said that going by the trailer of the film, it is known that there is nothing objectionable against any particular community in it.

Please tell that a petition was also filed in the Supreme Court against the release of the film, but the court refused to hear it. Actually, ‘The Kerala Story’ is the story of such girls who wanted to become nurses, but the terrorist organization ISIS makes them terrorists by bluffing them. The censor board has given an A certificate to ‘The Kerala Story’. Along with this, scissors have also been used on many scenes and dialogues of the film.

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