Karnataka Bribegate: Congress attacks BJP over bribery, party starts ‘PayMLA’ campaign

karnataka Bribegate

Karnataka Bribegate: After the arrest of the BJP MLA’s son, the Congress has once again stepped up its campaign against the Bommai government in the state. Congress has now started PayMLA campaign on the lines of PayCM campaign in the state. Let us tell you that the Lokayukta had caught the Karnataka BJP’s son red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 40 lakh. After this, Rs 6 crore cash was recovered from the MLA’s house.

Congress has used the face of K Madal Virupakshappa in the poster of ‘PayMLA’ campaign. Congress has used the design and color theme of a company famous for digital transactions in its campaign. ‘PayMLA’ is written on the top of the poster designed to attack the BJP. At the bottom it is written ’40 percent accepted’. The poster has the face of BJP MLA Madal Virupakshappa on the QR code pattern.

What was the PayCM campaign of Congress?

The Congress had launched the PayCM campaign in September 2022, alleging that the BJP government takes 40 per cent bribe in all public works projects. Then the face of Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai was used in the poster made on the lines of the people of the company with digital transactions and it also had a QR code.

Karnataka Congress protested on Saturday

Karnataka Congress leaders protested fiercely on Saturday regarding the matter. The Congress said that getting Rs 6 crore in cash from the BJP MLA’s house is a proof of corruption. The Congress targeted Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai over the matter and demanded his resignation.

The Lokayukta arrested Prashant Madal, son of BJP MLA Madal Virupakshappa after he was caught red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 40 lakh. Thereafter, the Lokayukta recovered Rs 6 crore in cash from the residence of the BJP MLA. Political uproar continues in the state regarding the incident.

Congress leaders protest outside CM’s residence

Senior Congress leaders including Siddaramaiah and Randeep Surjewala staged a sit-in outside the Karnataka Chief Minister’s residence demanding his resignation. The protesters wanted to gherao the CM’s residence, but the police detained all the Congress leaders, including Siddaramaiah.

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