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Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi go to Kapil Sharma’s show, what did the PM say on being invited? learn

New Delhi: Comedian Kapil Sharma is busy promoting his film ‘Zwigato’ these days. During this, he is making many revelations in his interview. Recently, Kapil Sharma said in Aaj Tak’s program Sidhi Baat that he had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the show. Kapil said- When I personally met the Prime Minister, I invited him on the show. I asked him to come to our show. He didn’t even refuse me. He said something like- ‘Now my opponents are doing a lot of comedy, will come sometime.’ Although he did not refuse, it is our good fortune if he ever comes. Kapil said that we want people to see his lighter side as well.

Meeting at the inauguration of the film museum

Kapil’s show has become one of the biggest shows of TV today. In ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, well-known people from entertainment, sports personalities including famous chefs, TV actors and other fields are seen. Kapil told that PM Modi had reached the inauguration of the film museum in Mumbai. At that time he cracked many good jokes. Kapil said that we want the whole country to see this side of him.

had thoughts of suicide

Kapil Sharma made another disclosure during this. He said that there came a time in his career when he used to have thoughts of suicide. He told that such a phase of life would happen to everyone, but one should not lose courage in it. In such times, people should think that this time too shall pass.

Kapil said that when you become famous but find yourself alone after coming home, sometimes things like depression and anxiety also happen. You cannot lead a normal life after being famous. While living in a two room flat, many things start running in the mind again. However, he has also learned a lot from this time.


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