Kannada Auto Driver: ‘Why should I speak Hindi’, says Kannada autorickshaw driver after argument with passenger, video viral

Kannada Auto Driver

Kannada Auto Driver: A video of a Kannada auto driver is going viral on social media. In the viral video, the auto driver is having an argument with a female passenger. The auto driver asks the lady passenger to speak in Kannada. He also says that Karnataka is our land, why should I leave Kannada and speak Hindi?

In the viral video, an argument over language is seen between an auto rickshaw driver and a female passenger. The woman passenger can be heard saying, “Why should I speak Kannada?” This video of an argument between a female passenger and an auto driver is going viral on social media.

What’s in the viral video?

In the viral video, the auto driver is seen asking the female passengers to speak in Kannada. In response one of the women passengers said no… we will not speak in Kannada, why should we speak in Kannada? The debate between the two increased further regarding this matter. The driver then asked the woman passenger to get down from his auto rickshaw.

The auto driver then angrily said, “This is Karnataka and you guys should speak in Kannada. You people are North Indian beggars. This is our land not yours. Why should I speak in Hindi?

Mixed reaction of users regarding the video

Users are giving different reactions on social media regarding the video. Some users questioned the arrogance of the auto driver, while some objected to him not respecting the local language. One user wrote, ‘I love this auto driver. Why should he speak in Hindi? If he comes to Lucknow and speaks in Kannada, will he accept it? Hindi is not our national language.

Another user said, “Both speak very good English. Why the crack then? There is no need to impose any language on anyone. If not all are comfortable with the regional languages ​​then they should learn a common language like English.

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