Kangana said – today’s youth are very lazy in terms of sex

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Kangana Ranaut on Gen Z: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is again in headlines due to her outspoken style. This time the actress has targeted the youth. Kangana Ranaut said that Generation Z i.e. today’s youth are not able to buy houses. They hate to commit and are too lazy to even have sex. The actress compared the people of this generation to ‘Gajar Mooli’.

unable to commit

Kangana Ranaut wrote on her Instagram Stories on Friday: Generation Z.. ha ha, their legs are as thin as sticks, they spend most of their time on phone than talking, watching or reading. They are incapable of commitment and believe that they should get the position of the boss, which they do not respect. Their bosses believe in discipline and hard work, but Generation-Z only values ​​quick success.

too lazy to have sex

Kangana added: Generation-Z loves Starbucks and avocado toast, but can’t afford to buy a home. They may rent branded clothes to impress someone, but hate to commit or get married. It has even been found in the study that they are lazy even to have sex, they are literally like ‘carrot radish’.

Big eyes and silly slang, it is very easy for them to brainwash.. Millennials are better, we rule!

Kangana’s upcoming film

Talking about Kangana Ranaut’s work front, she is currently shooting for Chandramukhi 2. Helmed by P. Vasu, it is a sequel to the Tamil horror comedy film Chandramukhi, starring Rajinikanth and Jyothika.

discussion with lockup 2

Kangana Ranaut’s controversial reality show Lockup 2 is making headlines even before its launch. Ekta Kapoor is leaving no stone unturned to make this reality show special. It is reported that from the contestants of Bigg Boss 16 to many big stars of TV have been approached for the show. Now it will be interesting to see which stars are going to participate in this.

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