Jyothika tied the knot

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Jyotika Dilaik Wedding Photos: Jyotika Dilaik, the younger sister of famous television actress Rubina Dilaik, has tied the knot.

Jyotika Dilaik got married with her long time boyfriend Rajat Sharma, in which only family and special friends attended. After marriage, the photos of the couple have become viral on social media. The wedding photos of the couple are winning hearts. At the same time, all are congratulating the newly married couple for their marriage.

Jyotika Dilaik marries boyfriend Rajat

Please inform that on March 9, Rubina Dilaik’s sister Jyotika Dilaik Marriage has married her boyfriend Rajat in a hotel in Shimla. Jyotika Dilaik was decked up in a red colored outfit on her wedding day. Jyothika complemented her bridal look with traditional jewellery.

Bala’s beautiful Jyotika in red dress

Along with this, Rubina’s sister Jyotika was looking very beautiful with red bangles. Along with this, the groom Raja of Jyotika (Jyotika Dilaik Photos) also carried a blue color sherwani and came riding on a silver horse to pick up his bride.

Jyotika is popular in the internet world

Please tell that Rubina’s sister Jyotika (Jyotika Dilaik Wedding Pics) is a video creator and she is popular in the internet world for her travel vlogs and various types of special content. Along with this, Jyotika’s husband Rajat Sharma is also a video creator and both are fond of traveling, due to which both of them first became friends then fell in love and now both have taken a promise to stay together for seven births.

Couple’s wedding photos going viral on social media

Let’s tell that the pictures of Jyotika Dilaik and Rajat Sharma’s wedding are becoming fiercely viral on social media. The couple is looking very beautiful in the photos. At the same time, both were seen immersed in each other’s love. People are congratulating by commenting on the couple’s wedding photos.

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