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Jodhpur: Emergency landing of Air Force helicopter MI-17 was done

New Delhi: Air Force helicopter has made an emergency landing in Jodhpur. The helicopter had taken off from the Phalodi airbase. An emergency landing took place at Pilwa village in Dechu. Emergency landing was done due to technical problem. According to Indian Air Force (IAF) officials, the chopper was checked by authorities there and it has now returned safely to the Phalodi air base there.

It is worth mentioning that India is one of the largest operators of Mi-17V5 and Mi-17 helicopter fleet and even use it to fly its VVIPs including the President and Prime Minister of the country. The Mi-17V5 is the workhorse of the force and is used on a daily basis to maintain Indian positions in the Siachen Glacier and eastern Ladakh as well as high altitude and remote areas in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Indian Navy’s Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) on a routine sortie off the Mumbai coast made an emergency landing on Wednesday after a sudden loss of light and rapid altitude loss. According to the Indian Navy, the pilot executed a controlled ditching (emergency landing on water).


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