‘BJP is afraid of defeat in Jammu and Kashmir…’, former CM Omar Abdullah told the reason for not holding elections

Omar Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir: National Conference vice-president and former Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah on Tuesday targeted the central government and the Election Commission for delaying the elections. He said that BJP is afraid of defeat in Jammu and Kashmir. This is the reason why she does not want to allow assembly elections in the state. They do not have the courage to face people. He said that we will not beg for elections. If elections are conducted then it is good and if not, it does not matter.

i don’t see any election

Omar Abdullah was addressing reporters in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district. When asked why elections are not being held for the assembly in Jammu and Kashmir? In response, Abdullah said that you are seeing elections somewhere. I do not see any elections in the union territory.

Election Commission does not work without asking

He said it is clear that the Center has not given the go-ahead to the Election Commission for elections in Jammu and Kashmir because the BJP does not want elections. He said that in recent years the Election Commission has not taken any decision without consulting the Central Government.

BJP does not have the courage to hold elections

Omar Abdullah further said that the in-charge of the state election has clearly stated that preparations are underway for Panchayat, Parliament and DDC elections. I say why don’t people hit the road. If they are troubled, they are suffering. Anyway, you will not get the election by coming on the road. BJP has no courage to conduct elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Because they know their failure.

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