‘The style of living has changed…’, Rishabh Pant’s statement came for the first time after the accident

Rishabh Pant2

New Delhi: Team India’s wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant, who had faced a car accident in December last year, is now recovering slowly. Pant, who is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Mumbai, had posted his photo a few days ago walking with the help of crutches. Now one of his interviews has come to the fore. However, Pant is not expected to be fully recovered for the next season of IPL 2023 after suffering a triple ligament injury. In such a situation, Delhi Capitals will have to replace him with a new captain. Pant said in the interview- “With the grace of God and the cooperation of the medical team, I will be fully fit very soon.”

looking at my life in a new perspective

In an interview with IANS, Pant talked about the changes he has had to deal with in the recent past. He said- It is difficult for me to say that everything around me has become more positive or negative. However, I have started looking at my life from a new perspective. What I value today is to enjoy my life to the fullest. We can include those small things in our daily routine which we often ignore. Today everyone is working very hard to achieve something special, but we have forgotten to enjoy the little things that give us happiness every day.

Enjoys brushing as well as basking in the sun

Pant further said- Especially after my accident, I get pleasure from brushing my teeth every day as well as sitting in the sun. While striving to achieve our goals, it seems as if we have not given importance to the regular things in life. My biggest realization and message would be that feeling blessed every day is also a blessing. That’s the mindset I’ve adopted since my setback. It’s a lesson for me in enjoying every moment that comes my way.

Pant misses cricket

Pant’s routine now includes three sessions of physiotherapy a day. He said- I live on fruits and fluids everyday. I also try to sit in the sun for some time. This will continue till I start walking properly. Pant misses cricket. He said- My life literally revolves around it, but I am now focusing on getting back on my feet. I can’t wait to do what I love the most. The Capitals are yet to take a decision on who will captain Pant in Pant’s absence. Their first match of IPL 2023 is against Lucknow Super Giants on 1st April.

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