IPL 2023: This 13.25 crore cricketer will create a storm in IPL by playing baseball, will take training to hit sixes

IPL 2023 Harry Brook Baseball

New Delhi: Although baseball and cricket are different, but players of many teams describe baseball as a great means of training. Now England cricketer Harry Brook will try his hand at it. Brook, who recently made a promising start to his career as a Test cricketer, will be playing baseball this weekend. Brook, who scored 809 runs and scored four centuries in his first four Tests, will try his hand at a different kind of hitting. Brook, who arrived in the US following England’s one-run defeat to New Zealand in the second Test in Wellington, will join the St Louis Cardinals for spring training in Florida. Brook’s involvement with the Cardinals comes through a commercial deal with Major League Baseball (MLB). Under this, Brook and England fast bowler Issy Wong will be MLB ambassadors in Europe.

I’m excited for this partnership

“I’m excited for this partnership and can’t wait to try my hand at scoring some runs,” Brooks said in an MLB press release. I am curious to see how it is different from cricket and also what are the similarities. Would it feel as good as hitting a six?

What is the similarity between baseball and cricket

Brook added- I am also excited to know how other professional players play it. Also want to see if there is any transferrable skill between batting in baseball and cricket. It would be amazing to see baseball in the US for the first time. Hopefully that will help build a baseball fan base here.”

Brook will play for Sunrisers Hyderabad

Brooks will be in the US working on some promotional material with the Cardinals before returning home on Sunday. Brook will also play in the IPL and the Ashes and wear the MLB logo on the back of his bat, while Wong will do the same in the upcoming WPL and English summer. They will spend around three weeks at home after their trip to the US before playing Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL. Brook has been bought by Sunrisers for Rs 13.25 crore. His base price was 1.5 crores. It is noteworthy that England cricket has come to be known for baseball ie aggressive cricket. So it will be exciting to see Brooke playing baseball.

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