IPL 2023: ‘As soon as possible…’, Ravi Shastri ready to make a compromise between Kohli and Gambhir!

Virat Kohli Gautam Gambhir Ravi Shastri

New Delhi: There was a debate between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir in the match played in Lucknow. After this, taking action, the BCCI imposed a fine of 100 percent match fee on both of them. Along with this, Naveen-ul-Haq has also been fined 50 percent of the match fee. However, this is not the first time that such a situation has arisen between Kohli and Gambhir. In the past too, onfield disputes have come to the fore between the two. Now former India coach Ravi Shastri has said that the sooner there is mediation between the star duo, the better.

they will realize that could have been handled in a better way

Ravi Shastri said on Star Sports – I think both will understand it in a day or two. They will realize that this could have been handled in a better way. Both have played for the same state. He has also played a lot of cricket. Gautam is a double World Cup winner, Virat is an icon. Both come from Delhi. I think the best thing would be to sit the two of them down for once and get this over with once and for all.

the sooner the better

Shastri further said- “Whoever does this, the sooner the better, because you don’t want it to get worse. The next time they meet again, there could be an argument and things could get worse. If I have to, then so be it.”

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