Indian-origin man hanged in Singapore, found guilty of smuggling one kg of cannabis

Tangaraju Suppiah

Singapore Drug Laws: An Indian-origin man found guilty of smuggling one kilo of cannabis in Singapore has been hanged. A 46-year-old Indian-origin man convicted of conspiracy to smuggle one kilogram of cannabis was hanged at Singapore’s Changi Jail complex on Wednesday, according to officials.

Explain that on behalf of international organizations including the United Nations Human Rights Office, there was a demand from the Singapore government to immediately reconsider the death sentence. Singapore’s Tangaraju Suppaiah, 46, was executed today at Changi Prison Complex, a spokesman for the Singapore Prison Service told AFP news agency.

Tangaraju was convicted in 2017, awarded death sentence in 2018

Tangaraju was convicted in 2017 after being caught with 1,017.9 grams of cannabis, which is twice the minimum amount required for the death penalty in Singapore. He was given the death sentence in 2018. This decision was also upheld by the Court of Appeal.

Explain that the anti-drug law in Singapore is considered to be the strictest law in the world. Meanwhile, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCR) said in a statement on Tuesday, “The death penalty is still being used in some countries, mainly because of the myth that it deters crime.”

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Singapore’s neighboring country Thailand has already abolished the death penalty for drug trafficking.

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