India population report: India became the world’s most populous country, ahead of China

India population Report

India population Report: India has now become the most populous country in the world. Now the most populous country is not China but India. In the latest report of the United Nations, India has left China behind in this matter. India’s population has increased by 1.56 percent in one year. The population of India has increased to 142.86 crores while that of China is 142.57 crores. India now has two million more people than China.

India is a young country

It was told in this report that the total fertility rate of India is 2.0. Here the average life for an Indian male is 71 years, for females it is 74 years. This report is being published since 1978. The representative of UNFPA India said that now the world population has reached 8 billion. UNFPA report states that 25% of India’s population is in the age group of 0-14, 18% in the age group of 10-19 years, 26% in the age group of 10-24 years, 15-64 years People up to 68% and people above 65 are 7%.

China relaxed the population law

China’s population is aging. China is troubled by this. The Chinese government has given many concessions. Those couples who will give birth to 2 or more than 2 children, they will be given many facilities. Even many colleges have announced that young boys and girls should go on ‘spring break’ for at least 15 days to fall in love and settle down and have children.

About 40 percent of China’s population is above 60 years old. Here at one time rules were made to control the population. In the same year, a report claimed that the population of Beijing, the world’s most populous city, is decreasing.

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