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IND vs AUS Indore Test: Rahul Dravid, crazy about the taste of Indore, could not stop himself from seeing this thing

IND vs AUS Indore Test: The third Test match between Team India and Australia is to be played in Indore. Where both the teams are engaged in practice. The special thing is that apart from cricket, Indore has a separate identity of its own. It is the cleanest city in the country, so the taste here is wonderful, whose fans are also the coach of Team India, Rahul Dravid. Rahul reached Indore’s famous Chhappan shop and tasted Jalebi.

Rahul Dravid ate jalebi

Rahul Dravid went out for a walk at Chappan shop in Indore after practice. During this, Rahul Dravid saw Jalebi being made at a shop. Then what was it in the Delhi Test, even though Rahul Dravid had refused to eat Chole-Kulcha. But seeing Jalebi, he could not resist and he ate Jalebi.

People gathered after seeing Rahul

Some other people of the team were also with Rahul Dravid, in such a situation, as soon as people saw Rahul Dravid eating food at the shop, a crowd of people gathered on the spot. Where there was a crowd of fans in Chappan to take selfie with him. During this, Rahul stayed in the shop for a long time and also clicked selfies with the people.

Rahul’s special relationship with Indore

Rahul Dravid has a special relationship with Indore. Team India coach Rahul Dravid, who made many records in the world of cricket, was born in Indore and spent his childhood here. Rahul started his cricket from Indore itself.

Rahul Dravid’s brother still lives in Indore and the former cricketer often visits him. Dravid loves the street food of Indore. So, he visited Chappan Dukan and gorged on Jalebi.

The special thing is that people like the taste of Indore very much. Indore is famous all over the world for its food and drink. People often come here and enjoy the food. Poha-Jalebi of Indore is considered to be the favorite food here.


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