Imran Khan had sent divorce to his second wife by email, former personal assistant revealed shocking

Imran Khan Reham Khan Bushra Bibi Awn Chaudhry

New Delhi: Awan Chaudhary, a close advisor of PTI President Imran Khan, has made a shocking disclosure. According to Avan, the former prime minister allegedly divorced Reham Khan by email on the suggestion of Bushra Bibi. The former PTI leader said this while recording his statement in the Nikah case involving Imran Khan and his present wife Bushra Bibi. The alleged non-Islamic marriage of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi came to light after a Pakistani citizen Muhammad Haneef filed a petition in the court.

Avan Chowdhary was personal assistant and political secretary

According to Pakistan media reports, Khan married Bushra in February 2018. She is his third wife. Khan’s friend Zulfi Bukhari and former party leader Awan Chaudhary have said that the marriage was conducted by Mufti Saeed in Lahore. They both also witnessed the marriage of Khan. Awan said he was Khan’s personal assistant and political secretary.

Decision taken on the advice of Bushra Bibi

He said- I used to look after all the personal and political matters of Imran Khan. Khan and Reham were divorced in 2015. Bushra Bibi asked Imran Khan to immediately divorce Reham Khan as it was better for her. On the advice of Bushra Bibi, Khan divorces Reham via email. Avan said Khan’s ex-wife was not in Pakistan at the time.

Imran said- Bushra Bibi was divorced

He also said that Khan started getting distressed after the divorce. Khan then continued to meet Bushra Bibi till December 31, 2017, and announced that he would marry her on January 1, 2018. As per the report, “He asked me to arrange the marriage. I was surprised by Imran Khan’s words and said that Bushra Bibi was already married, but Imran Khan told me that Bushra Bibi was divorced. According to the former PTI leader, Khan’s nikah with Bushra Bibi was solemnized in Lahore on January 1, 2018 and he was the witness.

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Divorced on anniversary

Years ago, Reham had claimed that she had asked Imran Khan for a wedding anniversary gift last year, but he instead divorced her. Reham said- He had jokingly said on 31 October that he wanted a gift before the wedding anniversary. He divorced me instead.

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