Make delicious ‘Imarti’ with this recipe, it is ready in minutes


Imarti Recipe: The festival of Holi is about to come and the list of sweets has started in every house. A lot of sweets are made on the festival of colors.

That’s why today we have brought you an easy recipe for making Imarti, so that you can easily make it at home.

Ingredients needed to make Imarti

Urad Dal – 250 grams (without peel), Sugar – 500 grams, Arrowroot – 50 grams, Yellow color – 01 pinch, Ghee – for frying, Thick cloth napkin with round holes (for straining Imarti).


To make Imarti, first of all you have to wash and clean the urad dal properly. After this, keep the lentils soaked in water.

Whisk together the color and arrowroot

After this, take out the dal from the water and put it in a mixer and grind it finely. After this add color and arrowroot to it and beat it well.

prepare syrup

After this, take sugar in a big bowl and cook it by adding water as needed. This solution has to be cooked on the fire till a syrup of one string is formed.

Take three to four tablespoons of beaten lentils in a cloth.

After this, take a look, if the syrup has become, then turn off the gas. After this, take a pan and put ghee in it, when the ghee becomes hot, fill three to four tablespoons of beaten pulse in the cloth.

make imarti

After this, hold the cloth from above and make it tight by pressing it from above, make round crispy Imartis in hot ghee and fry them crisply.

leave in syrup

After this put all the prepared Imartis in sugar syrup and leave them. Let it soak in sugar syrup for about 15-20 minutes. After this your delicious Imarti is ready.

Tasty Imarti is ready

You can serve it to your guests to eat on the festival of Holi.

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