Caution: Personal data of 16.8 crore people of the country was sold, ‘confidential’ information of the army was also leaked, how alert are you?


Hyderabad: While things have become easier with the new technology, the cases of cyber fraud are also increasing. One such surprising case has come to the fore from Hyderabad. The Cyberabad police here has revealed the biggest gang of cybercrimes. Six accused have been arrested. This gang has stolen and sold the personal data of 16.8 crore people of the country.

This gang did not even spare the army. The data of 2.5 lakh people belonging to the Delhi Army and 35 thousand government employees has been stolen. This is very sensitive and dangerous for the nation.

More than 140 categories of data were stolen and sold

Cyberabad CP Stephen Ravindra told that this gang has sold data of more than 140 categories. Which includes sensitive and confidential data of government and important organizations. Also used to steal data from students, women, government employees, loan holders, insurance holders, credit and debit cards, PAN cards, electricity bills, Facebook, WhatsApp and sell them.

1.20 crore WhatsApp data and information of 17 Facebook users found

They have got WhatsApp data of 1.20 crore people. While information including age, email ID, phone number of 17 lakh Facebook users has also been received. It is being told that the accused were associated with Data Mart Infotech, Global Data Arts and MS Digital.

Data leaked from telecom companies!

Police suspect that mobile number databases of 3 crore people were leaked from telecom companies. Which could be used to commit various crimes. Apart from this, credit card and debit card data of several reputed banks were also found from the possession of the suspects.

Army data can be used for espionage

Stephen Ravindra said that data related to defense and government employees can be used for espionage and serious crimes, which can endanger national security. He said that data related to PAN card is being used to commit a large number of cyber crimes. People have to be alert about this.

Everyone involved in the gang had a fixed job

  • The name of one of the arrested suspects is Kumar Nitish Bhushan. He set up a call center in Noida, UP and mobilized a credit card database.
  • While Pooja Pal is a tele-caller, Sushil Thomar is a data entry operator. Atul Pratap Singh collected and sold data of credit card holders.
  • Muskaan Hasan used to act as a middleman. Sandeep Pal founded Global Data Arts and sold confidential data of customers to fraudsters engaged in cyber crimes.
  • Zia ur Rehman used to provide bulk messaging services for propaganda. He also shared the data base.

How to avoid cyber fraud?

The most effective way to avoid cyber attack is your vigilance. Do not respond to any suspicious link or message, email, phone calls and video calls received on your mobile.

Apart from this, if you want to avoid cyber fraud, then create a strong and unique password for all your online accounts (bank and social media) and do not share it with anyone. Also, keep updating these passwords at intervals of a few months.

Be very wary of suspicious emails and links of any kind. Never download links or attachments from unknown sources.

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