Honduras Women Jail: 41 female prisoners killed in Honduras jail, some were shot and some were burnt alive

Honduras Women Jail

Honduras Women Jail: A case of murder of 41 inmates has come to light in a women’s prison in Honduras. Of these, 26 women prisoners were burnt alive, while others were shot dead. Yuri Mora, spokesperson of the Honduras police, has issued a statement regarding the incident.

Yuri Mora said that the incident is from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. About 50 kilometers from the capital is Tamara Jail, where women prisoners are kept. He said that some female prisoners were seriously injured in the incident, who were admitted to Tegucigalpa Hospital for treatment.

Know why there was a riot in the jail?

Julisa Villanueva, chief of Honduras’ prison system, said action would be taken against the gang involved in the incident. He also said that strict efforts were launched a few days ago to stop illegal activities inside the jails, due to which this incident took place.

According to media reports, reports of beatings come from several prisons in Honduras. In the year 2019 also, a similar news had come in which 37 prisoners had died. After the incident, the then President of the country handed over the control of the prisons to the army, however, even after this, such incidents keep coming.

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