Holi Smartphone Safety Tips: Now use your phone a lot while playing Holi, just follow these simple tips first

Holi Smartphone Safety Tips

Holi Smartphone Safety Tips: Colors are specially used on Holi. Many people use dry colors, water colors and colored balloons on Holi. Where does it feel good to capture this fun only in your eyes. That’s why we capture this moment through photos or videos from our phones.

However, after playing Holi, if our phone gets damaged or gets waterlogged, then we are left with nothing but regrets. You should not have such regrets and you can celebrate your Holi (Holi 2023 Smartphone Protection Tips) with cool colors and water, that too using the phone, so today we have Holi Smartphone Safety Tips for you. Have brought

Use waterproof cover

If you want to use the phone on the day of Holi, that too in such a way that there is no fault in it, then do not forget to use a waterproof cover for it. This is such a cover through which the phone can be kept safe from water.

You can buy it online or offline. Its starting price starts from Rs.100. You can protect your phone from water by using a waterproof cover. Along with water, you can also protect the phone from colors.

Use Glass Back Cover

Along with the waterproof cover, you can also use the glass back cover if you want. This can make your phone more secure. Before playing Holi, get the glass back cover installed in your phone. Smartphones can be kept safe from water and colors during Holi. You can buy it online or offline. Its starting price is 300 rupees.

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