Holi Sale: iPhone became cheaper on Holi, see here how many thousand is the benefit?

Holi Sale on Flipkart

Holi Sale on Flipkart: If something is available for less than its original price then what is wrong in buying it? Who doesn’t like a cheap deal, when we get such a thing cheaply, which we are not able to buy because of the high cost.

Talking about the smartphone, most of the people want to buy Apple’s iPhone (Cheapest Apple iPhone), some of which cannot fulfill their wish due to the high price. If you are also one of those who are planning to buy iPhone cheaply and want to buy a new phone within your budget, then take advantage of the opportunity of Holi.

Actually, on the occasion of Holi, sale is going on on different e-commerce sites, one of which is Flipkart Holi Sale and from here you are getting a chance to buy iPhone 13 cheaply (iPhone 13 Price Discount Sale). . Let us know about the Holi Sale 2023 on Flipkart running on Flipkart.

Flipkart Holi Sale 2023: Apple iPhone 13

Before Holi, the iPhone 13 has been listed cheaply on Flipkart. The original price of its 128GB storage variant is Rs 69,900 but it is listed on Flipkart with 11 percent discount. Here the iPhone 13 is listed for Rs 61,999. A total discount of Rs 7,901 is being received on its price. Apart from this, other offers are also included, due to which the price of the phone can be reduced further.

iPhone 13 Exchange Offer

Apart from the discount on the price, the benefit of bank and exchange offers is also available. You can get an exchange offer of Rs 23,000 for buying the iPhone 13 from Flipkart. However, the full benefit of the exchange discount is available only when the customer exchanges the phone in a good condition and in the latest model.

If you are able to get an exchange discount of Rs 23,000 for the iPhone 13, then its price can be only Rs 38,999 instead of Rs 61,999. You can also apply for bank offers to get more discounts.

Apple iPhone 13 Bank Offer

Bank offer is also included on iPhone 13. If you pay with HDFC Bank’s credit card or debit card, then you will be able to take advantage of a discount of Rs 2,000. Whereas, you can get 5 percent i.e. up to Rs 3100 cashback on payment from Flipkart Axis Bank Card. On getting the benefit of the bank offer along with the exchange, the cost of the phone can be around Rs 35,000 for you.

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