These 3 laddus can be made at home on the occasion of Holi

Holi 2023 Laddu Recipes

Holi 2023 Laddu Recipes: Holi, the festival of vigor and colour, is round the corner and is best enjoyed with friends and family. When family and friends are around everyone prepares traditional Holi food to make this day special and joyous.

What special are you going to serve to your near and dear ones this Holi? Apart from every meal, this time do not forget to taste special type of Laddu (Laddu Recipe in Hindi) to the guests. Today we have brought three such delicious laddoos for you, which can make people’s mouth water. Let us know which laddoos you can serve on Holi.

Holi 2023 Laddu Recipes in Hindi

Kesar Malai Laddu: Kesar Malai Laddu can be called a good dessert for any special occasion or to sweeten the mouth. This sweet can also be made by adding paneer and condensed milk instead of the traditional paneer and cream. These laddus are very soft which melts in your mouth. It can also be made and kept for a few days.

Nariyal Ke Laddu: Coconut ladoo is the favorite of many people. It is also not right to wait for a day to eat it, because you can eat this delicious laddu everyday as a dessert with your meals. This is also a tasty laddu to serve to the guests at home.

Churme Ke Laddu: Famous Gujarati and Rajasthani sweets include churma ladoo. It is made from flour churma. The flour is prepared by roasting it with sugar and then it is prepared in the shape of laddoos. Many people like to eat it everyday.

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