Need confirmed train ticket booking from IRCTC on Holi 2023? then follow this method

IRCTC Confirm Ticket Booking Process

Holi 2023 IRCTC Confirm Ticket Booking: Holi is such a festival that has the ability to convert the sourness going on in life into sweetness. It is said that on this day even enemies hug each other and apply colour. In such a situation, people who are working away from home, how can they stay away from their family and childhood friends?

This is the reason why most people prefer to go home to celebrate Holi, but to celebrate Holi with family, the biggest task is to take office leave and even more difficult is to get confirmed train tickets. If you are also ready to go home on Holi and want to book train tickets easily, then book tickets keeping a few things in mind.

Keep these things in mind for IRCTC Ticket Booking

good speed internet Most of the people make a common mistake while booking train tickets online, which is the mistake of not having a good internet connection. If you are booking train tickets, then keep in mind that it is necessary to have internet with a good speed.

It will be right to login at this time- Take special care of the time for booking train tickets. The timing for tatkal ticket booking is 10 am. That’s why you should login to IRCTC by 9.58 am. Whereas, Tatkal ticket booking time for Skipper class is 11 AM for which login should be done at 10.58 AM.

Get the master list ready- Passenger details are mandatory to be entered during the online ticket booking process. For this the user takes more time. That’s why you should make a master list beforehand. If you prepare it in advance then it does not take much time during ticket booking. By clicking on the name all the details will come down. Simply put, after clicking on the name, all the information will be auto-filled.

How to prepare master list? (How to Create Master List in IRCTC)
  • Go to the IRCTC website and click on ‘My Profile’.
  • Here you can prepare your master list.
  • Fill the details like your name, id card, birth preference, age.
  • Fill all the details of the passenger.

In this way, when the details of the passenger have to be filled, all the information will be auto-filled by clicking on the name. Along with this, you should also add money in the wallet of the app in advance, so that there is no problem in paying for the ticket. We hope that by adopting these tips, you will be able to book tickets faster than others and your train booking will be done easily.

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