Greece Ship Capsize: Boat full of refugees overturned in Greek, 80 dead so far, many missing

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Greece Ship Capsize: Europe’s deadliest boat accident has emerged off the Greek coast. According to reports, so far 80 people have drowned in the accident, while hundreds of people on the boat are missing. According to information, about 750 people were on board the ship. The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to information, 104 people were rescued after the accident till Wednesday afternoon and according to reports, the boat had left Libya. Most of the migrants on board are believed to be from Egypt, Syria and Pakistan.

Greek authorities declare three days of national mourning

The survivors have been taken to the Greek port of Kalamata near Pylos. The Greek Coast Guard reported that they approached the overcrowded vessel and offered assistance, but the migrants on the outer deck refused to help and expressed their wish to continue traveling. After a few hours the boat capsized. The Greek caretaker administration declared three days of national mourning following the tragedy.

It is being told that the incident of boat sinking is one of the major Greek incidents in recent years. Most recently, 96 people died after their boat crashed into rocks off Italy’s Calabrian coast during a storm in February. Let us tell you that Greece has been a major entry point into the European Union for refugees and migrants from different regions.

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