Germany Church Shooting: Firing in Hamburg Church of Germany, 7 people died, many injured

germany church shooting

Germany Church Shooting: In Hamburg city of Germany, criminals opened fire and killed 7 people. There is also news of some people getting injured in the firing of criminals. The matter is of Thursday evening. It is being told that armed criminals reached inside the Jehovah’s Witness Church in the evening and started firing.

Police said that many people have been injured, who have been admitted to hospitals. According to the police, more information about the seriousness of the injured could not be found. According to the information, the police was informed about the firing at around 9 pm.

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According to media reports, there is a three-storey Jehovah’s Witness Church next to an auto repair shop. When the police reached the spot after receiving information about the firing, dead bodies and injured people were lying on the ground floor. At present, no information has been received regarding the person who fired. The culprit is said to have either escaped or is one of the dead.

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Eyewitness student gave this information

German news agency DPA reported that Laura Bauch, a student who lived near the scene, said, “The criminals fired at intervals of about every 20 seconds to one minute. The student said that when she looked out of her window, a man was seen walking from the ground floor of the church to the second floor.

At the same time, Gregor Misbach, who lives near the church, said that after the sound of firing, he became alert and made a video clip of the person who entered the church through the window. Misbach told German television news agency Nonstopnews that he heard at least 25 gunshots. About five minutes after police arrived, a final shot rang out, he said.

Hamburg’s mayor Peter Chantscher tweeted and said that this news is shocking. He expressed his sympathies to the relatives of the victims.

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