China Restaurant Explosion: Massive explosion due to gas leak in China’s barbecue restaurant, 31 people died

China restaurant

China Restaurant Explosion: An explosion at a barbecue restaurant in northwestern China has killed 31 people and injured several others. It is being told that the explosion occurred due to gas leaking in the restaurant. After the death of people in the blast, President Xi Jinping has urged the authorities to give priority to the treatment of the injured.

A gas explosion killed 31 people in China’s northwestern Ningxia region on Wednesday night, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. The incident happened at a barbecue restaurant in Ningxia during the Wednesday evening just before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Were busy preparing for the festival, then there was a blast

The blast took place at around 8:40 pm on a busy road as people gathered in preparation for the festivities. The region has a sizeable Muslim population. The main cause of the blaze prima facie appears to be a leak from a liquefied petroleum gas tank at the restaurant, Xinhua reported on Thursday.

Xinhua also reported that seven people have been admitted to the hospital for treatment after suffering burns. It is being told that scorched people have also been injured due to breaking of glass. Incidents involving gas and chemical explosions are common in China. In 2015, a series of explosions in the northern port city of Tianjin claimed 173 lives.

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