Imran Khan: ‘Pakistan is sinking…’, imploringly Imran Khan told the Supreme Court the last hope, gave ‘impure’ statement on ‘Kashmir’

Imran Khan 12

Imran Khan: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan held a press conference on Wednesday evening at his Zaman Park residence. During this, Imran appealed to the Supreme Court to come forward to save democracy in his country. The former PM said, ‘Supreme Court is the last hope of Pakistan. Your unity is important for the people. You have to come forward to save this country. But Imran Khan has once again done a nefarious act on the issue of Kashmir.

Imran Khan linked the fight between himself and the government to Kashmiris. Comparing his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf with the people of Kashmir, Imran said that they do not even have fundamental rights. The brutality that we are facing today has been imposed on the people of Kashmir for the last 30 years. But whenever Kashmiris get a chance to raise their voice, they will raise the slogan of freedom in one voice.

Ready to form a committee for talks

PTI President Imran Khan has said that whoever is in power today, we are ready to form a committee to hold talks with them. Imran also targeted the army in gestures. He said that I am forming a committee. But I have two questions. Firstly, does he have any solution to save democracy or can the country do better without me? How will Pakistan benefit from holding elections in October? Convince us on these two things. I am forming a committee and will announce it tomorrow.

They are ruining the country by throwing me out

PTI chief Imran Khan has said that those trying to oust him are destroying the country. He raised the issue of the economic plight of the country. Said that people are selling their dollars and the government is spending all the taxpayers’ money to pay interest. There is no roadmap to save Pakistan. Pakistan is sinking.

can’t kill pti

Imran Khan has said that this atrocity will not destroy PTI, but will increase its popularity. I can say this with confidence that whenever I distribute PTI tickets and to whomsoever… he will win. He taunted the human rights organization. Imran Khan said that the human rights organizations among us who were the soldiers of democracy, don’t they see that what is happening will not only result in loss of PTI but will also crush democracy. The time is coming when democracy will see its end.

10 thousand of our workers arrested

Imran said that more than 10 thousand of our workers were put in jail. His condition is worse. Being kept in small cells. They are being denied food and water. No appointment is given to the lawyers. They are being treated as if they are foreign enemies of the country.

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