Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s big statement, said- ‘spokesman of Pakistan’s terrorist industry’

S Jaishankar

New Delhi: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has given a big statement on Pakistan on Friday. The Foreign Minister said- ‘Pakistan is the spokesperson of the terrorist industry. He defined Pakistan as the promoter, protector and spokesman of the terrorist industry.

The victim and the conspirator cannot sit together

The External Affairs Minister has said that the victims of terror and the conspirators cannot sit together. Jammu and Kashmir was and will always be a part of India. He said that as the foreign minister of a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member country, Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was treated like the foreign minister of other member countries. But, their (Pakistan’s) position as a promoter, protector and spokesperson of the industry of terrorism was countered.

Two day meeting SCO Summit

Earlier, the two-day meeting of Foreign Ministers (SCO Summit) started in Goa on Thursday. In this meeting, India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar is holding separate bilateral talks with his counterparts from almost all the countries of SCO. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto is also involved in this meeting. Views were exchanged on several regional, global developments in the meeting.

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