Fierce fire after explosion in China’s chemical plant, five killed, one missing

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Beijing News: An explosion occurred at a chemical plant in China on Monday, due to which five people died. While one is missing and another is injured. The blast took place in the eastern region of China. After the explosion, there was a huge fire in the plant. Which has been controlled after hard work. During this the sky was filled with smoke.

See how fierce the blast was…

Missing person not found

According to information, there are many chemical plants in East China. In one of these Sinochem chemical plant, there was a huge explosion on Monday morning. The people working in the plant did not get a chance to escape. During this, 5 people died. While one person is missing. He was searched, but nothing could be found. Another injured has been admitted to the hospital.

The Liaocheng High-Tech Zone Management Committee issued a statement. Told that this factory is in Liaocheng city of Shandong province. The explosion occurred in the hydrogen peroxide production area, which belongs to Luxi Chemical.

Investigation into the cause of the explosion continues

A fire broke out after the explosion. The fire has been extinguished. The committee said that the cause of the accident is being investigated.

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