Fact Check: The picture of the locked grave is not from Pakistan but from India’s Hyderabad, the truth came to the fore


Fact Check: On April 29, ANI news agency, quoting Daily Times, published a report that parents in Pakistan are locking the graves of their daughters to protect them from rape. It was released by Pakistani-origin writer Harris Sultan from his Twitter account. This claim has been proved wrong in fact check. The matter of locking the tomb is not of Pakistan but of Hyderabad, India. The truth has also come to the fore as to why the tomb was locked.

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There is a grave in Darbjung Colony

This tomb is in Darbajung Colony, Madannapet, Hyderabad. Local people say that this grave belongs to a 60 year old woman. He had died two years ago. The family members locked it so that no one could bury anyone else in this grave. For safety, the tomb was closed with an iron grill.

People protecting the graves of ancestors

Locals say there is no space in the cemetery. Because of this, people bury new dead bodies on the old graves. To save the grave of the ancestors, the local people are trying to save it by locking it.

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