Engineer student committed suicide by hanging in Bengaluru, was troubled by agents of Chinese loan app

Engineering student suicide

Chinese Loan App: Engineering student commits suicide by hanging in Bangalore. It is being said that a 22-year-old student named Tejas was a victim of harassment by the agents of the Chinese loan-giving app. Disturbed, the student has taken this step.

According to media reports, the loan agents were allegedly blackmailing Tejas. Tejas had taken some loan whose EMI was bounced. After this the agents of loan app started harassing Tejas and started threatening to make public some photos already saved in his mobile.

Loan was taken from a Chinese app named Slice and Kiss

According to information, Tejas hanged himself at his house in Jalahalli, Bangalore. He was studying engineering at Nitte Meenakshi College, Yelahanka.

The family of the deceased said that Tejas had borrowed some money as a loan from the Chinese app ‘Slice and Kiss’. Tejas’ father Gopinath later learns about the loan. Thereafter he agreed to pay the amount in installments on behalf of his son.

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The family accused of threatening Tejas

On behalf of the student’s family, it was alleged that the agents of the mobile application visited their house several times. Intimidated Tejas and made threatening phone calls. It is being told that three days before Tejas was hanged on Tuesday, Gopinath had demanded some time to repay the loan, but the agents were not ready for it.

Tejas left a note before suicide in which it was written that I am sorry for whatever I did, mother and father. I don’t have any other option. I am unable to pay other loans in my name and this is my final decision… Bye.”

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