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E-scooter explodes while charging in Karnataka, know the reason

E-Scooters: An electric scooter caught fire in Karnataka’s Mandya district on Monday. During the accident, the scooter was charging standing in the house. Suddenly it caught fire after a loud bang. The scooter was completely burnt to ashes due to the fire.

battery exploded

According to the police, the incident took place at the house of Muthuraj, a resident of Valagerehalli village in Maddur taluka. The scooter was bought about 6 months back. The scooter was put on charging as usual at around 8.30 am. Within a minute of connecting the wire to the charging point, suddenly its battery exploded and the entire scooter caught fire.

Household items caught in fire

Five people present in the house narrowly escaped the fire. In the grip of fire, the things kept around the house like TV-fridge, dining table, mobile phone etc got burnt to ashes. According to the police, the glasses of the windows present in the house were broken. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be known. The case is being investigated.

Why are the incidents of fire increasing in electric scooters?

Battery experts say that the batteries of e-scooters have high energy capacity. A fire in a battery pack cannot be controlled by its factors. In most of the cases, this reason seems to be short circuit. Apart from this, issues such as cell quality, battery design and management of cells through battery management system (BMS) and sensing and software intelligence are the reasons for the fire.


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