Bird collided with FedEx plane going to Dubai, full emergency declared at Delhi airport, flight resumed after about two hours

Delhi Airport Full Emergency: A major accident was averted in Delhi on Saturday. A FedEx flight from Delhi to Dubai had a bird strike during the flight. After this, full emergency was declared. The plane made a safe landing. All passengers are safe. How much damage has been done to the plane though? No exact information has been given about this.

According to the information, on Saturday, a FedEx flight (FX5279) took off from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport at 10:46 am to go to Dubai. Then the bird collided with the plane. As soon as this information was received, full emergency was declared at the airport. Pilot made a safe landing. About two hours after the incident, the plane took off again at 1:44 am.

A bird collided with a plane in Gujarat a month ago

On 25th February also, an incident like Delhi happened in Gujarat. An IndiGo flight from Surat to Delhi had to be diverted to Ahmedabad after a bird hit during take-off. The aircraft was safely landed in Ahmedabad. Fan blades were found damaged in No.2 engine.

Know how dangerous is a plane collision with a bird?

Usually, cases of bird hitting happen during take-off or landing of the aircraft. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, there are an average of 34 incidents of bird hitting every day across the country. In 92% of these cases, there is no harm to humans. But the plane is badly damaged. This can also cause fire in the aircraft.

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