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AAI chairman’s big announcement, Digi Yatra will be applicable at these three airports

Digi Yatra: Airports Authority of India (AAI) Chairman Sanjeev Kumar has made a big announcement on Thursday, giving a statement in the media, said, after the successful implementation at Varanasi airport, now the central government will implement Digi Yatra at Kolkata, Pune and Vijayawada three airports as well. Still working.

Passengers will be identified without showing paper, it saves time

Speaking during the 74th Republic Day celebrations at AAI-ATC (Air Traffic Control) Sewa Bhawan in Delhi, AAI President said, “Digi Yatra is a significant step that we have been able to implement after 3-4 years of hard work. It was effectively brought under the AAI ministry and with the help of private operators, we have created an ecosystem, he said. In this, a software is developed separately and the hardware is kept at the airport so that passengers can be identified without showing paper and they can travel faster,” the AAI chairman explained.

this is how it works

Explain that whenever passengers travel from the airport, they go through the first security check. Then go through another security check at check-in and then again at the boarding gate. At these places they had to show their ID and boarding card. Now through the new software in Digi Yatra, seamless, paperless travel can be done without documents. This will save the time of passengers. Cameras installed there will collect information on scanning faces and boarding passes of passengers as they pass through. Passengers will not have to stop and get checked.


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