This Bollywood actor stopped Shatrughan Sinha from getting plastic surgery, know why he is called ‘belly wipe’

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Mumbai: Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha said that due to scars on his face, he used to feel very complex while working in films. He said, I had even talked to the plastic surgeon, but when I went to Dev sahib, he stopped me from doing so. Shatrughan Sinha said these things in Arbaaz Khan’s show ‘The Invincible’. On the show, he made many revelations about his personal life.

Regret till today for not getting this film

During the show, Shatrughan Sinha revealed from his famous dialogue ‘Khamosh’ to the cut marks on his face as well as the name which only the housemates knew. On the show, the actor told that he had to lose his hands from many films. ‘Deewar’ was offered to Shatrughan before Amitabh Bachchan, which he still regrets for not doing.

This is how the name ‘belly pochna’ came to be

Currently Shatrughan Sinha is away from films. He is fully active in politics. He is an MP from TMC. In the show, Arbaaz Khan asked him that ‘Baua, Bihari Babu, Shotgun, Chhenu, Shatruji, you have many names’. But why did you get the name ‘wiping your belly’? On this question, Shatrughan Sinha laughed and told that now he is not called by this name, but in Bihar and UP, the youngest child is called Pet Pochna, because he comes back after wiping his stomach etc. This is said very lovingly’.

This is the story of the scar on the face

Shatrughan Sinha told about the cut mark on his face that he saw his maternal uncle shaving. He was going to America. He said that when I took the blade razor, maternal uncle’s daughter started crying, I said that you do not know how to shave, first cut her cheek and then your own. After this everyone in the house applied Dettol and ash, the bleeding stopped, but the stain remained.

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