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Heart operation like ‘grape’ of a child growing in the womb, in just 90 seconds, the doctors of Delhi AIIMS did wonders

Delhi AIIMS: The story begins with a question. Can a grape size heart surgery be done to a child growing in a mother’s womb? It would be difficult for a common man to reach any conclusion.

but is true. And this miracle was done by the doctors of Delhi AIIMS, that too in just 90 seconds. It is being called one of the rarest surgeries. The pregnant woman and her unborn child are doing well after a successful surgery.

Child’s life saved by balloon dilation

Doctors told that the child’s life was saved by the balloon dilation procedure. This procedure is done to remove any obstruction in the valves of the heart due to any reason. This whole process was done under the guidance of ultrasound.

needle inserted into baby’s heart

Doctors inserted a needle through the mother’s abdomen into the baby’s heart. Then, open the obstructed valve using a balloon catheter. Doctors have raised the possibility that the baby’s heart will develop better. The doctor said that such a procedure could endanger the life of the fetus and should be done with utmost care.

Operation completed in 90 seconds

Doctors said that such a procedure is very challenging, as it can also put the life of the fetus at risk. Everything is done under ultrasound guidance. Generally all the procedures are done under angiography but in such case it cannot be done. This process has to be done very quickly. Because going to puncture the heart. But the surgery was completed in 90 seconds.

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