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Dead Skin Remove: This thing will remove dead cells… there will be a holiday of spots and spots! tremendous glow will return on the face

Dead Skin Remove: Bringing glow on the face and maintaining it is a difficult task. You deal with sun rays, dust, dirt and pollution all day long. During this, dirt accumulates on your skin. This dirt is not cleaned with water many times with water. Due to this dirt, dead skin cells get accumulated on your skin. Which is not easy to get rid of. However, you can get relief from dead skin cells with the help of a right skin care routine.

What is dead skin?

After all, what is this dead skin? When we look for the answer to this question, it is known that dead skin cells on the skin means the loss of the upper layer of the skin. Which usually happens naturally, but sometimes these cells get frozen on the face instead of being removed. Due to which the shine goes away. Then spots and pimples take birth.

How to remove dead skin cells?

Dead skin does not get removed by washing face. For this, special skin care routine tips have to be adopted. Scrub can help you in removing it. Experts say that when your skin is exfoliated properly, the dirt accumulated on it will be cleaned and dead skin cells will also be removed. You can remove dead skin cells of the face with the help of homemade scrub.

Coffee scrub to remove dead skin cells

We see that dead skin gets stuck on the new cells due to sweat and make-up etc., so it is necessary to remove them. In this news, we have brought you a scrub prepared from coffee, which can give relief from facial spots and dead skin at home. Know below how to prepare it…

Coffee scrub is beneficial in removing dead skin cells of the face

  • First of all, 1 teaspoon of coffee has to be taken.
  • Then you have to add 1 teaspoon of sugar in it.
  • After this you add one spoon of honey in it.
  • All these have to be mixed well.
  • Now apply it on the face and massage it with light hands.
  • Then after about 5 minutes wash the face with plain water.
  • Dead skin can be removed by doing this 3 times a week.

benefitHomemade scrub prepared from coffee removes dead facial cells. This makes the face spotless. At the same time, its brightness can return. You can adopt this scrub before sleeping at night.

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