Cyclone Mocha: Cyclone ‘Mocha’ wreaks havoc in Myanmar; 6 killed, 700 injured, Sitwe city submerged, alert in India

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Cyclone Mocha: Cyclone Mocha has created havoc. So far a total of 6 people have died, 700 people are injured. The Daily Star reported that the powerful cyclonic storm made landfall on Sunday. Myanmar The port city of Sittwe was submerged. Apart from this, some parts of Sittwe, the capital of Myanmar’s Rakhine state, were flooded. Winds of up to 130 miles per hour blew away tin sheds on the roofs of homes. A telecom tower has also fallen.

A powerful storm formed in the Gulf after a decade

Rescue teams in Myanmar said two people were killed in landslides triggered by the cyclonic storm, while local media reported one death after a tree fell in Myanmar. According to a report, so far 6 people have died and 700 people have been injured. A report by Al Jazeera said that after a decade such a powerful storm has formed in the Bay of Bengal. Water is flowing like rivers on the streets of Sittwe city.

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Heavy damage in these cities, roofs of houses blown off

Myanmar’s Military Information Office said the cyclone damaged houses, power transformers, mobile towers, boats and lampposts in Sittwe, Kyawpyu and Gwa townships. The storm is also said to have ripped roofs off sports buildings on Koko Island, about 425 km (264 miles) southwest of Yangon, the country’s largest city.

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A rescue team in the country’s eastern Shan state announced on their Facebook page that they had recovered the bodies of a couple who were buried in a landslide at their home in Tachilik township triggered by heavy rains.

housed people in strong buildings

More than 4,000 of Sittwe’s 300,000 residents have been moved by rescue teams to other towns. More than 20,000 people are housed in fortified buildings such as monasteries, pagodas and schools in high-rise areas of the city. Where volunteers are helping them.

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The storm weakened after Myanmar

The Indian Meteorological Department has reported that the very severe cyclonic storm ‘Mocha’ has weakened somewhat after passing over Myanmar. This process is happening continuously. It is expected to intensify into a cyclonic storm in the next few hours. According to a report in The Daily Star, around 300,000 people were shifted to safer areas in Bangladesh before the storm hit.

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