Thugi Ki Pathshala: Now the trap of crash course spread in the name of Jamtara, stay safe

jamtara online fraud cases

New Delhi. In today’s era of cutthroat competition, man wants to move forward by making every possible effort. This race to move ahead is going on from our personal life to big MNCs and corporate companies. Now thugs of Jamtara have also joined this race.

Yes, some people associated with Jamtara forgery have even opened training centers to expand their network. Crash courses ranging from a few days to a few weeks are being run in these centres. In which people are taught to cheat.

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Recently, police raided Mewat in Haryana and some areas of Rajasthan and arrested some people from Jamtara. Along with this, about 2 lakh SIM cards were also blocked. These people have given shocking information during interrogation.

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Started training courses to make new members

The arrested accused told that the vicious thugs of Jamtara have also started training camps in Alwar and Bharatpur of Rajasthan. In these camps, training is given to commit cybercrime. Not only this, a fee of Rs 15 to 20 thousand is also being collected for teaching in the camps.

What is taught in training

In these training camps, the youth were being taught the complete method of committing cybercrime. How to get fake SIM cards, how to open fake accounts in banks, how to attract people and trap them, all this information was given during the training. In a way, it was a school for criminals, teaching them how to commit online fraud.

Fraud is done through fake call center

In the most prevalent method of cheating, fake call centers are opened at different places of the country. In these, people are attracted in the name of providing services related to jobs, shopping, bank accounts. When they get faith in these fake call centers then they start cheating them. In this way, not only Indians but even the citizens of America are being cheated.

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