CJI Chandrachud’s big statement on fake news, said- truth has now become a victim due to false news


New Delhi: Supreme Court Chief Justice DY Chandrachud on Friday addressed the inaugural session of the American Bar Association India Conference 2023. He said that we are currently living in the era of social media. In this era, if someone criticizes someone, then he starts trolling you.

a lie is sown like a seed

Making an important comment on fake news, he said that fake news spreads very fast on social media. Because of this the truth has now become a victim. The CJI said that a lie is sown in the ground like a seed which does not stand anywhere in the matter of logic, which cannot be stopped even by scientific investigation.

Commenting on the subject of law in the age of globalization, the CJI said that due to globalization there has been a vast change in technology and the way the world works. He said that globalization has given birth to its own dissatisfaction. Now a recession is experienced by the world in democracy, which was once considered liberal.

Indian constitution product of globalization

The CJI said that when the Constitution was framed, it was a game-changing document, which was a synthesis of constitutions from all over the world. The Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution, Dr. Ambedkar had said that the Constitution has not only taken inspiration from the world, but it has been made keeping in mind the needs of the people of the country. This is a very unique Indian product which is also global.

Judges are also afraid of trolling

He said that at that time we did not have internet. We lived in an era that did not run by algorithms. There was no social media at all. The CJI said that in the era of social media, there is a fear that people will troll you and believe me, we cannot escape from this trolling by being a judge.

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